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I think I’m going nuts

After days and days of struggling to write my essay in neuroethics, I’m finally on a roll. I’ve spent the last two hours pretty much trashing the two philosophers who’s ideas I’m basing my text on. When I wrote “… I don’t mean to sound too critical, but it seems like Jaworska’s ideas about critical interests often come dangerously close to the idea of the immortal soul.” OH SNAP, GOING STRAIGHT FOR THE JUGULAR. The idea of an immortal soul is pretty much globally scoffed at in both neuroscience and philosophy, so making that comparison is probably just straight-up mean. Our teacher did tell us to be argumentative, hehehe.

During the last week I’ve been sleeping with socks on my hands to prevent myself from scratching myself and cracking my wrists in my sleep. But I keep waking up without them on. WHAT IS LIFE?

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