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Mr, Mrs, Ms, Misc?

I received a birthday card in the mail addressed to “Misc Johanna”. Now, I’m new to the UK and a little unused to using titles, but I think the only logical explanation is that if you aren’t married and you aren’t enough of a lady to be referred to as “Miss” you get to be Miscellaneous instead. If not, I suggest that this should be the new system. From here on I will only be referred to as Misc. Johanna.

OK, it was probably just an innocent typo on behalf of the sender. I think it’s funny to send people nice things in a package and then decorate the outside of the package with something embarrassing or write a weird nickname for the recipient on the address lines. A couple of months ago I sent some nice chocolate addressed to a Mr Tom “Hairybum” Surname and got called disrespectful by the postman who delivered the package. I like to think my message in doing this is: “I’ll send you nice things, but to show that you want it bad enough you will have to go through shame and embarrassment to collect it”.

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