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Please give me a reason to wear a suit

When I moved to London I only brought two bags of luggage. In this luggage I included my suit/blazer, since I might need it for interviews. The job interviews I’ve been to has been jobs where, if you worked there, you certainly wouldn’t show up in a suit, since kids may throw up on you or because you have to wear scrubs anyway. When I worked in elderly home care I was told to wear my least favorite clothes to work, because even if they don’t get thrown up upon, you will eventually associate them with changing diapers or cleaning wounds. So anyway, in short, it just haven’t been the kind of interviews where a suit is necessary, and I really want to wear my suit! I’ve been offered a job now, but maybe I need to attend some more job interviews in case I’ll get an interview that calls for the wearing of a suit.


… I may have walked around in it a bit before my last interview. It makes me feel important.

The stupid thing is that I completely missed the international suit up day on October the 13th. 😦

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