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I just hope they didn’t give Bran any sexy scenes

At this point I don’t understand why there’s such a huge market for porn parodies but not a very big market for regular parodies… like… those anyone even watch these for the sex? Watch this clip (there’s no sexy stuff in it) and tell me that there isn’t any SYFY realness going on there.

George Martin basically said that he didn’t think the porn parodies could possibly be worse than the book. I tend to agree and I just hope that the porn parody doesn’t include any “pink fat masts”.

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The return of the wooden dong bottle opener

In the summer of 2011, I went on a vacation to Crete. Tom was stuck in England and nagged me to send him a souvenir, so I went hunting for the tackiest thing I could find. I ended up settling for a wooden penis bottle opener, which was  pretty difficult to ship. Satisfied with Tom’s reaction once he received the gift and silently smug that he now was stuck with a wooden penis bottle opener in his kitchen, I forgot about it for a couple of years. 

Fast-forward to today. We’ve moved in together and I have realized that sending Tom a load of random items backfired on me, since he never throws anything away and now I’m stuck living with them too. So today we were setting up a magnetic knife rack to get some space in the kitchen. Furthest back in the kitchen drawer lurked the chunky, wooden dong. It has now made a splendid comeback, proudly attached to the magnetic knife rack. The worst part is that it’s a really crap bottle opener. Image


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