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Airport and airplane hacks

I’ve become a pro at flying the last few years, especially with Ryan Air. My long-distance relationship was very bad for the enviroment in that way. I think RyanAir is great; they’re at least honest with their intentions and you get what you pay for. I don’t mind sitting through commercials if it means flying for like half the price compared to other companies. I got the idea on my flight home for the holidays to share my airport and airplane hacks that makes the experience of flying a bit easier. Enjoy!

* Always bring a set of earplugs if you’re flying with RyanAir.

* At some airports, like Stockholm Skavsta, you can get drinkable water from the water taps in the bathrooms after you’ve gone through Security. Some of the taps at Skavsta has been set to only have lukewarm water, but a couple of them have a little lever near the “root” of the tap that allows you to adjust water tempature. This means that you can get drinkable, free water to bring on the plane if you bring an empty water bottle when you pass through security (obviously you can’t bring in anything over 100ml so filling it before passing through security doesn’t work).

* Take the seats near the emergency exit to get some extra leg space.

* RyanAir has  recently changed their policy to be a little more lenient towards what you can bring on board. It’s still easy to end up with too much carry-on luggage, so if you don’t want to pay £40 extra because your bag is too heavy, you can try this: Wear all the clothes in your bag as you board the plane. Don’t be TOO obvious because people have been stopped because they were wearing like three set of jeans. No one will notice if you put on a pair of extra underwear, two shirts and an extra sweater, unless you’re sweating excessively.

* If that doesn’t do the trick and you still have too much carry-on luggage, you could try this slightly riskier move: Get a plastic bag and stuff it with the extra luggage. Carry the plastic bags like a baby and cover it with your coat. Now it will just look like you were warm and carrying your coat. You can’t stuff the plastic bag too full, or it will look weird, but it’s perfect when your bag is too heavy since you easily can conceal medium-sized heavy items. I got away with carrying on board a long tube containing two big art posters plus a bag of stuff stuff this way.

* If you’re checking in a bag: Turn up late and check in your bag last minute. That way your bag will turn up first on the rolling hoop once the plane has landed.

* If you don’t want to have to remove your shoes at security, don’t wear boots that reach past your ankles. It’s supposedly an unwritten policy at most airports.

* The following snacks and meals are good to bring on board because they don’t require heating and won’t go bad. They also won’t get confiscated in security (they could, however, get confiscated at passport/visa check once you arrive, so make sure to finish it on the plane): Pancakes with jam, sandwiches (duh), apples, chocolate, burritos, crisps.

* When booking a ticket, clear your cookies. I’m not sure if this one is true, but I’ve had a similar experience that makes me think it very well might be:


I hope that makes flying a bit easier for you! I’m working on my “Airplane shuffle”, which is a German techno-styled dance based on the safety instructions on the back of the airplane seats. I’m sure it will be the dance of 2014.

And remember: Lights along the cabin aisle will illuminate in darkness and guide you to the nearest exit. Peace be with you.

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Yesterday was my last day at my summer job. I worked for 9 weeks straight, showed up on an average 10 minutes before my shift started, worked double shifts occasionally, often worked overtime and never requested to be compensated, covered other people’s shifts when they couldn’t work their days, never took any sick days and the only time I took a day off was when my mum was in the hospital. I offered to help out with coworker’s workload when they were stressed and I spent time on my spare time putting together an aid for one of the residents I worked with. I guess what matters in the end is if the residents I worked with thought I did a good job when working with them, which I think they did (at least a lot of them were very appreciative).

I never thought I would grow up to be someone who cared about work ethics.

But work is over and as I was biking home through the rain yesterday, it gradually hit me. The only thing that was keeping me in Sweden is gone. I could leave to London today, I have no obligations here anymore (although it would be silly to do so, as Tom is visiting in a week’s time). I have very little money and I have no idea what kind of jobs I can hope to get (if any) but like a wise old lady said at work, “The time is now”. Stockholm doesn’t offer me much anymore. I spent years in Linköping longing to get ‘home’ to Stockholm once I was done with my education and I don’t know why.  I think gradually I developed closer friendships at university and found someone I could really trust and share everything and at the same time became jaded and cynical about everyone left in Stockholm. It’s like I was seeing my life there through rose colored glasses and then someone punched me in the face. I want to and will live in Stockholm eventually, I like the city and I like being near (most) of my family, but if I do end up here permanently I will wipe the slate clean, make new friends, find new hobbies and live in another flat. Life is too short to keep doing the same thing, living in the same place and hanging out with the same people, not because you enjoy it but because of tradition and fear.

I need a break from Sweden for a while.  For once in a long while I like that my immediate future is unpredictable. Circumstances could be better but they might never be better. The time is now (or at least in 2-3 weeks 😉 ).

Home is where I rest my head

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For the first time this summer, I have managed to dress too cold. I was heading downtown today to get art supplies and I was wearing a dress with no tights because I’ve been sweating all summer. Looked good but it was far too cold and I feel like I’m in general coming down with something.

An odd thing that happened today when I was walking downtown was that on my way to the art supply store I walked past a beggar with a very distinctive handicap. We were walking in opposite directions, crossed paths and I kept walking for another 15 minutes and went inside a store. Then when I got out I see the same beggar coming in the opposite direction to me again. Either he’s much quicker than me and ran past me while I was in the store and started walking down the street again, or it was two different people with exactly the same handicap. I didn’t pay much attention the first time so I couldn’t tell if it was two different people or just one. Maybe one guy had a real handicap and the other started copying him to get money? It’s hard to explain but he has a very distinctive and painful-looking limp that simply can’t be that common.

Another weird thing is that Stockholm has the world’s laziest street performers. There are some REALLY good living statues, but then there’s people who you aren’t really sure what they’re doing and why you’re supposed to give them money. There’s especially this one guy who walks up and down the most crowded street of Stockholm wearing a white dress, white facepaint and a white wig, all of which looks like they have been bought in a very budget novelty shop. He doesn’t do ANYTHING, he just walks up and down the street wearing that and rattling a can where you’re supposed to put money. I wonder if he considers himself a beggar or a street performer? He’s been doing it for a while now so I guess it pays off… There’s a woman who does pretty much the same thing, although her outfit looks a bit better. It’s just really confusing. If we started giving money to everyone that dressed weird, I would know some cybergoths that would be really happy.  😛

I ended up getting a bunch of Faber-Castell pencils at the art shop. It’s my mums birthday in little over a week and she wished for some art from me, so I used that as justification to blow 450kr ($70?) on pencils. Now that I have good materials to work with, that’s also one excuse less on why I haven’t started some projects that I’ve been meaning to start.

Walking down the streets of Stockholm

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How to spot city people in the city

For the last two months, I have been living with my younger sister Jenny in central Stockholm. Both of us grew up in the suburb so it felt really different to suddenly live in a place that is right in the middle of everything: nightclubs, coffeehouses, boutiques. I think many people have a prejudice that city people are always well dressed and wears the latest fashion. When I first moved here I thought I wasn’t doing great at being a inner-city person, seeing as I constantly appeared in public NOT looking stylish and sophisticated.

Sometimes, when I would get up to buy some fresh bread in the morning, I felt so self-conscious. There I am with my unbrushed hair in a messy ponytail, a face red from sleeping and sweatpants and a t-shirt with coffee stains on it, walking past people with the latest fashion and flawless appearances.

Then I realized that this is just an illusion. The reason it appears as if there is a higher percentage of fashionable, stylish people in cities like New York, London or Stockholm is because people from the suburbs view shopping or eating in the city as events that require dressing up for. Real city people are the ones you will see hungover, wearing pajamas and no make-up in a popular coffee house. Shops and food courts go from being a special experience to just being convenient once you live in the city, places you stop by on your way from work or while getting groceries. Definitely not places you go to because “you want to be seen there”. 

That’s at least my excuse for looking so shabby today downtown, haha.

As a bonus, here’s a photo of the world’s most dangerous calorific coffee ever. It’s called a Snickers and its from George’s Coffeehouse, where me and Jenny were today, looking like we just woke up.



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Some photos from “touristing” my home city Stockholm in between work and sleep.


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Catch-up Ketchup

Oups, haven’t posted in quite some time! I have an entire post drafted but due to an unpleasant cold I haven’t had the energy to do the editing.

Here’s a brief summary on what has happened since my last post:

* I graduated

* The day after I graduated I flew to Oxford to be with my LDR-boyfriend for a week.

* The day after I flew back from Oxford, and got home in the late evening, I started my new summer job.

* Aaand after my first week at the new job, I caught a cold and here we are.

So I guess the lack of posts make sense. But I’m now in Stockholm for a couple of months. I’m staying in my younger sister’s flat, where I’ve been alone for the last week but is joined today by my older sister who is coming to stay. I prefer company,- it’s a big flat and I get bored and lonely all by myself.

Here are some photos from the last few weeks:

The class graduating, me posing with the graduation scroll (which was more of a prop than anything because the university is still processing the degree diplomas):

jag klassen

Tom and me in Oxford, with Fat-Betty Three-toes, a stuffed sloth toy I got as a graduation gift. Smoose, a stuffed moose toy, is hiding in the right corner.


The view from the flat in Stockholm during the evenings. Lovely!



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