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I haven’t posted in the few days because I’ve worked like 21 hours in 30 hours and I wasn’t going to spend a minute of my precious spare time posting. I tried uploading a post from my phone, of my cappuccino which looked a bit like a sloth, but it didn’t work. I’m sure you must be weeping at the thought of missing out of such high quality material so I saved the photo for you:


Umm. Yeah.

In other words, not much has been going on. I was dumb enough to agree to do work 7 am – 9 pm yesterday and 7 am – 2 pm today. I thought it would be fine, but it turns out I haven’t quite recovered from my cold and when I came home yesterday evening I was having a lot of coughing fits. The irony is that I agreed to take on the shifts to make up for the days I was home sick last week, because I don’t have any sick pay. Oh well, all I need is a good rest and then I will be fine…ish. The problem with starting work at 7 am is that I have to get up at 5 – 5:30 am to get ready, which is a pain when you’ve worked until 9 pm the day before because there’s not enough time to sleep or wind down. Luckily I’m only working evening tomorrow, which means I get to sleep in!

Sorry for the pointless update, I will leave you with this to make up for it:


Coffee-cup sloths

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My lazy week

My week can be summarized in just a couple of photos.



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I’ve decided that part of this blog will be dedicated to posting things relating to sloths because I’ve 100 % caught the sloth fever that has spread over the Internet the last year.

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Catch-up Ketchup

Oups, haven’t posted in quite some time! I have an entire post drafted but due to an unpleasant cold I haven’t had the energy to do the editing.

Here’s a brief summary on what has happened since my last post:

* I graduated

* The day after I graduated I flew to Oxford to be with my LDR-boyfriend for a week.

* The day after I flew back from Oxford, and got home in the late evening, I started my new summer job.

* Aaand after my first week at the new job, I caught a cold and here we are.

So I guess the lack of posts make sense. But I’m now in Stockholm for a couple of months. I’m staying in my younger sister’s flat, where I’ve been alone for the last week but is joined today by my older sister who is coming to stay. I prefer company,- it’s a big flat and I get bored and lonely all by myself.

Here are some photos from the last few weeks:

The class graduating, me posing with the graduation scroll (which was more of a prop than anything because the university is still processing the degree diplomas):

jag klassen

Tom and me in Oxford, with Fat-Betty Three-toes, a stuffed sloth toy I got as a graduation gift. Smoose, a stuffed moose toy, is hiding in the right corner.


The view from the flat in Stockholm during the evenings. Lovely!



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