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I flew with Norwegian Airlines yesterday. I usually fly with Ryan Air, so flying with NA is almost luxury, but the trip could have been significantly better if the passenger in front of me didn’t fart every 5th minute. I could tell because every fifth minute I was hit by a stench so atrocious I was afraid it might bring down the plane. Kind of like my mum’s dog at the moment, who is laying next to me on the sofa. To top it off, the farting passenger had the NERVE to recline his seat. You’d think that if he knew what stench he was causing, he’d be humble and embarrassed enough to curl into a ball and keep his head down until he was off the plane.

The last week or so has been pretty strange. I’ve had to finish writing 4 different essays for my distance courses, which I managed to do, even if they’re not very good. The idea was always to have the distance courses as a back-up if I wasn’t happy at work, but what happened was that I ended up working almost full-time and at the same time taking courses with enough credit to qualify as full-time. It’s been a bit tricky and stressful at times, even though I’ve pretty much managed to write an essay that was meant to be written during a month’s time in basically 8 hours. I haven’t found out whether I’ve passed yet though, so I’m holding off on the celebration.

After I finished writing and submitting everything, I came down with a cold and didn’t really do much. I eventually went and saw Godzilla at the cinema. It was a pretty dumb flick, but entertaining nonetheless. I like monster films, but I’m more a fan of the hide-the-monster genre than the monster-in-your-face genre… I think that goes for any horror film, actually. I think one of Godzilla’s strengths is the fighting/destruction scenes, but if nice monster fighting scenes aren’t enough for you to like a film, then Godzilla is probably not for you.

Airplane farts, essay writing and Godzilla

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I think I’m going nuts

After days and days of struggling to write my essay in neuroethics, I’m finally on a roll. I’ve spent the last two hours pretty much trashing the two philosophers who’s ideas I’m basing my text on. When I wrote “… I don’t mean to sound too critical, but it seems like Jaworska’s ideas about critical interests often come dangerously close to the idea of the immortal soul.” OH SNAP, GOING STRAIGHT FOR THE JUGULAR. The idea of an immortal soul is pretty much globally scoffed at in both neuroscience and philosophy, so making that comparison is probably just straight-up mean. Our teacher did tell us to be argumentative, hehehe.

During the last week I’ve been sleeping with socks on my hands to prevent myself from scratching myself and cracking my wrists in my sleep. But I keep waking up without them on. WHAT IS LIFE?

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