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Last weekend was spent in London stocking up on lingonberry jam at the Scandinavian Christmas Market. Lingonberry jam is the only Swedish food that I use on a regular basis and I use quite a lot of it too. IKEA carries a form of lingonberry jam in their food section, but if you’ve ever bought it you’d know that it’s more of a red sugary goo with the occasional berry in it. The stall where I bought mine from at the Christmas Market was Scandinavian Kitchen, which has a store in London which carries a bunch of Scandinavian food. They post all their board writings on their site, I’m particularly fond of this one (click on the image to go to the webpage):


We also found out that there is a Swedish bakery in London, because they also had a stall at the Christmas market. If I want anythingI’ll bake it myself, but it you’re not so inclined and you fancy some Swedish baked goods, you might want to give it a try. Oddly, they don’t seem to list their address on their website, but they handed out pamphlets at the market with the address on it. It’s on 24 Rose Street, near Convent Garden.

After the Christmas market we went to Hyde Park to check out this year’s Winter Wonderland. Man, I wish I had more money and more patience. If I did, I would have gone on all the ride, except for this one which looked really boring (the one in the background seemed far more exciting):


Boy, was it busy. I think it was the opening weekend so it  makes sense, but all I could think was “How the f*** does all these parents have the energy to bring their small children here? I’m exhausted from trying to navigate through the masses and I don’t have a toddler and a baby to look after”.


Heading for Christmas in London

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