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Mini metro – if you needed another reason to curse public transport

It’s half past eleven and I’m stuck playing minimetro. It’s so addictive but frustrating! The game is that you create a metro system that keeps getting bigger and bigger. You start off with a number of “stations” shaped as squares, triangles and circles. There’s smaller symbols next to these stations that are the “passengers” and the shape of their symbol indicates where they want to go. As the game goes on it gets harder and harder to get your trains to all the stations in time, before they become overcrowded. Once a certain number of of passengers are waiting at a station, it’s game over. It’s not a very realistic game in the sense that you can completely re-route your metro lines as many times as you like. Unfortunately, you can’t do an emergency re-route to pick up passengers at an overcrowded station, because the train will follow a ghost-track before it starts going on the new route. Super annoying, but a total time killer. I put on Darkbloom by Grimes and started playing and then suddenly the music stopped and the album was finished. I don’t know where that time went!

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Badly visualized song lyrics


I was bored and slightly drunk the other night and decided to make doodles from song lyrics that makes me stop in my tracks and think “wait, what?”. I have a zillion other examples of this,- to be honest, lyrics often doesn’t make much sense or sound ridiculous when taken out of context or simply misheard.

Exhibit A) “Drinking freedom from a bottle to the tuna belowww” Blue October: X-Amound of Words (another gem from the same song, not yet visualized, is “So mistreated, I repeated never blessing your sneeze”). Googling the lyrics tells me the actual line is “to the tune of belong” but I visualized what it sounded like to me:


Exhibit B) “Black lemon. So Juuuicy, confuuuusing.” Black Moth Super Rainbow: Hairspray Heart. According to the lyrics I can find online it’s supposed to be “Face like a lemon, so juicy, confuse me” which it doesn’t sound like and doesn’t make any sense either.


Exhibit C) “I fought and I craved for the gravy of your soul.” Susanne Sundfør: White foxes. When I first heart it I assumed it was supposed to be “the bravery of your soul”, but it’s actually gravy. Yum, gravy.


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My top 10 most listened-to songs

Someone prompted me to do a list of the songs I listen the most to on my phone. I don’t use Spotify, so I’ve estimated which songs I listen to the most at the moment and added links to the songs on YouTube. It’s not a list of my favourite songs or the songs I think are the BEST OF ALL TIMES, but all of them are pretty sweet and well worth a listen.

Sia – Elastic Heart.
Grimes – Be a Body.
Ingrid Michaelson – Mosquito.
Ben Howard – Dancing in the dark.
Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata. Not exactly this version,  but close enough.
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Hairspray Heart.
Blue October – Hate Me.
Sigur Rós – Kveikur.
Nine Inch Nails – While I’m still Here (Oneohotrix Point Never Remix – the link is to the original because I can’t find a link to the remix)
Michael Giacchino/MI5 – Kremlin With Anticipation.

PS: How rude was it to cut off NIN at the Grammys? RUDE. But at least now, Reznor has something to be righteously whiny about.

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Birthday photo post!


Guess who turned 24 yesterday?! Me. 😀

I celebrated by going downtown and walking from London Victoria to Buckingham Palace around St James Park to Leicester Square and West End and China Town to Piccadilly Circus and then back. In short, I did a lot of walking and perhaps not in the best of shoes, but it was fun. I brought my camera and took some photos of the birds in St James Park:





It seems like someone ordered some good weather for my birthday! Very thoughtful! I ended up stopping to rest my feet and have a bite in a little place near Regent Street where I had a delicious ciabatta with avocado, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Yum!

Around 3 pm my feet started hurting rather epically from walking, so I headed home and opened presents from my mum while Skyping with her. I got a bunch of baking and cake decorating things, which suits me perfectly. Once Tom got home, we celebrated with a bottle of “Horny Owl” and I made my ‘signature’ birthday stuffed bell peppers while blasting loud, upbeat orchestral music such as Champagne Galop, Beethoven’s Emperor Rondo and In the Hall of the Mountain King.

I call them birthday stuffed bell peppers because I made them for my last birthday. I was going to post a picture of them, because I’ve made them a few times and it’s really a great recipe, but I can’t find any! I guess you can take that as evidence that it’s a good recipe, since they’re all eaten and gone before I get a chance to take a photo. I’ll upload the recipe soon.


Tom and I aren’t exactly wine experts, so we buy wine after how funny the label is. Through this method we have found great wines such as this one, Horny Owl, and Fat Bastard and Irony.  After dinner, we had a cheesecake and I opened my gift from Tom which was Cards Against Humanity, something I’ve been wanting to get for a while. It looks really fun and I can’t wait to get some people together and play it.


I didn’t even get any stomach issues (I’ve been having dyspepsia/indigestion problems) during the night, so all in all a good and calm 24th birthday. 🙂

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Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote

I’m sitting on a coach to the airport again. Word of advice: don’t try to eat a burger and fries on a crowded bus unless you’re ok with looking like a slobbering mess.

Aside from the barely contained panic that accompanies flying and travelling long distances, I quite like travelling. The limited available entertainment makes it natural to just gaze out the window and let yourself get lost in some form of meditative philosophing state of mind.

Right now I’m listening to Beethoven’s Archduke trio, which I got curious of after reading Kafka on the shore, which in turn I got curious about after seeing an icon on a LiveJournal forum. Funny how these things works. One thing leads to another and you stumble upon something that you never thought you would like, but end up loving. It’s invaluable to keep an open mind and give things a chance.

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