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Surprise Swedish food

A couple of days ago I had a day off from work and was at home doing tedious but mandatory e-courses when the door bell rang. Outside the door stood a postman with a package, which turned out to be a book that I had ordered. I went back inside, sat down and started working again… when there was another buzz. Confused, I went down and opened the door once more. It was another postman with another package, which he asked me to sign for. It was a rather big package with the word “kitchen” on it. Since I couldn’t recall ordering any kitchen things or anything large recently, I checked that it was in fact supposed to be delivered to our flat. It was, it even had my name on it. I brought it inside and looked a bit closer… it had the words “Scandinavian kitchen” on it… realization started to dawn…


Oh nom nom nom. Scandinavian kitchen is a store in London that sells Scandinavian food. My boyfriend wanted to do something nice and noticed that I was low on my precious lingonberry jam, so he thought it was a good opportunity to surprise me. I pretty much went crazy over the crips, they’re the only brand of crisps that I eat. 😀

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