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I have never…

* Bought my own socks (until last week). They just mysteriously show up in my drawer or are gifted to me. I’m starting to think that all the socks that other people lose in their laundry have found a black hole that teleports them to my drawer.

* Visited a grave on my own. I’m not religious and I don’t believe in an afterlife, or that visiting a grave is the only way to honour someone’s memory, so it never occurred to me. I’ve been thinking about doing it recently.

* Understood avocados properly.

* Bought Converse-styled shoes. I hate them, they’re ugly and uncomfortable.

* Owned a video game console or a video game. I’ve only played video games a few times, and that was only with other people.

* Bought my own holiday decorations. Not a single tinsel or ornament. I’m not really interested in decorating for Easter or Christmas, but I will do it for the sake of others.

* Been to a wedding.

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Life sucks and then you die.

Or life punches you in the face, knees your stomach and then kicks you when you’re down and walks away. After a long, painful struggle you finally manage to get back to your feet, and that’s when life comes back and breaks your knee caps with a baseball bat.

Happy Friday.

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Cookie of life

Cookie of life

Hello my name is Johanna and i can only express feelings through crude drawings on ms paint.

… don’t tell me to go paint on a canvas or in photoshop like a good artist girl person.

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