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Lessons learned

I’ve learned the following lessons in life this week:

1. Don’t use nose spray while lying down.

2. Don’t try to go backwards in IKEA on a Sunday.

3. Don’t laugh, point and yell “Wow, look at that carrot, it looks like a huge dick!” when your boyfriend is on the phone with someone… it might turn out to be his mum.


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Tiny kitchen nightmares

I’m currently staying at my sister’s flat. While cooking I saw that she had these two adorable salt and pepper figurines that are meant to be posed like they’re embracing each other.


I realized that if you put paprika powder or chili inside them instead of salt and pepper, it looks like they’re crying/puking blood.


And I’m not totally convinced they’re meant to stand in an embrace, I think they fit just as well into the zombie walk pose.


Or like this.


I guess to sum it up I think they’re pretty sinister looking things. I also realized, when cleaning up the figurines so my sister wouldn’t get mad at me for messing with them, that they look pretty damn creepy under the tap as well.


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