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Amongst yawns and snores

Gosh, I’m so tired. I had brief work-related training earlier today and planned on coming back home to prepare for an ph.d interview. I had a headache and ended up having a meal and then falling asleep around 3 pm. I feel like Sailor Moon, which I hear is getting a reboot.


I’ve been trying to adapt my sleep pattern so that my sleep is more effective. The idea is that the body doesn’t need to sleep for example 10 hours to make up for a lack of sleep, instead it will make sure that the hours of sleep you DO get is deeper and more re-energizing than normal. If you sleep 10 hours regularly, you will feel like you need 10 hours sleep to be energetic because your body has adapted to a less effective sleeping pattern, but if you start sleeping only 7-8 hours each night, the body will eventually adapt to that. I’m trying to change and care more about effective sleep than getting enough sleep time. I occasionally suffer from insomnia and worrying about not getting enough sleep just leads to a bad pattern where I can’t fall asleep because I’m frustrated about not sleeping, and when I do fall asleep I keep waking up to check the time. I’m hoping that by sleeping less, I will also get rid of my violent and disturbing dreams. That being said, can anything really replace the feeling of waking up, warm and cosy under a thick cover with sunlight streaming through the window after a rare 12-hour sleep? Mmmmmmm…

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