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You’ve got red on you

“I’ve got x on me” is a new, reoccurring segment in this blog. For example, yesterday I would have posted “I’ve got poo on me” because I work in elderly care and that happened to be true that day. Today, it would be “I’ve got egg on me” because I’m a messy breakfast eater and liquid egg yolks sucks. Confused about the reader value of this segment? So am I. But blogs need reoccurring segments, says the woman who never reads blogs. Oh shut up, it’s 6:22 am and I’m already on the bus to work typing this on my phone… don’t expect me to be coherent.

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Great things

I wish that for once something absolutely great could happen without any strings attached (I guess this is what all of us wish for). I imagine it happening something like this:


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