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spinning spinning spinning

I’m having one of those rare moments when I’m so hyped up/manic that it’s almost not funny! I spent 5 minutes just spinning around on my spinny share and listening to Cat Steven’s version of First cut is the deepest. I find myself dancing, biting my hair and drumming the table with my hands without thinking. I’m trying to calm down by listening to music. When I’m manic it’s like my mind isn’t as quick as my body and I think something like “It would be nice with a glass of water” and then I’m immediately in the kitchen reorganizing drawers with no memories of what happened in between. It’s like I have a very sporadic ADD because I don’t really have any reason to be hyper. Well, I guess the proper psychiatric definition is having a severe case of being just like everyone else, meaning full of unexplained quirks and contradictions. Or just coffee and sugar overload but I don’t think that’s the case…


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