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Achy legs and full days

My knees and legs are not happy with me right now. The reason is that I spent all day on my feet yesterday, starting with a full day at work and then going straight to Oxford Circus to pick up tickets at BBC for a recording of “Infinite Monkey Cage”, which is a radio show with Brain Cox and Robin Ince. Once we had the tickets, we walked around the block and had a look at Selfridge’s Christmas-themed shopwindows, then back to BBC where I got to sit down for two hours as we watched the show. The show was about conserving animals and plants and how it’s too late to stop interfering with nature and time to be practical about what species we should try to save and not just go for the cute ones. I like Brian Cox (who doesn’t?) and people in the panel were interesting, but the show as a whole was a bit weak, but maybe that’s just because I’ve already know a bit about extinction and nature conservation. If it had been about, oh I don’t know, string theory I might have found it more interesting because I don’t know anything about it. Curiously enough, it turns out that Brian Cox was at my partner’s job today, filming something. He’s a hard working man, Mr Cox.



I went to bed a little after 11pm and hoped that my legs would have recovered after some 6 hours rest, but unfortunately my right knee and ankle were really stiff when I got up.  Luckily, I was not in too much discomfort after taking a couple of painkillers. It’s just a matter of getting used to not sitting down, which shouldn’t be too hard since I had a very similar job last summer. Hopefully I’ll gain some muscles in the process, I wouldn’t mind having more toned legs! 😛

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Want to be a fat vegetarian?

Whenever McDonalds or Burger King or Subways introduce a new vegetarian option, I hear someone saying something akin to “Why are they doing this? If you want to eat healthy, don’t eat fastfood!” as if being a vegetarian means you inherently care a lot about your health. I’ve been a vegetarian for some 4 years, and I’ve got some news for you: eating unhealthy and being a vegetarian is the easiest thing in the world. I love junk food and if I didn’t have any self-discipline, this is what a regular day for me would look like:

Breakfast: White bread with jam, a glass of orange juice and leftover pizza.

Morning snack: Half a package of crisps and some soda.

Lunch: French fries covered in ketchup and a veggie burger with a bottle of Fanta.

Afternoon snack: Biscuits and lemonade.

Dinner: Pasta with a cream-and-cheese based sauce covered in ketchup with a pint of beer.

Evening snack: Ice-cream with chocolate and fudge sauce, meringues, sprinkles and cookie crumbles.


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Lately, I’ve started exercising a bit more in hopes of getting rid of my dizziness due to low blood pressure and just in general achieving a lifestyle that will decrease my chances of various diseases as I get older. A little exercise is a big thing for me, because I find it tremendously boring. To motivate myself, I’ve tried to find a good routine that I can do from home and some motivational and educational photos and articles relating to exercise.

One thing that bothered me as I looked around was how the media seems to think that it’s more acceptable to show off unrealistically gorgeous, undressed and big breasted models that are toned instead of regular unrealistically gorgeous, undressed, big breasted skinny models. I guess the idea is that the toned models are supposed to be a “healthier” ideal for girls and women and therefore won’t cause as much body issues and is seen as less vain/objectifying…? It’s just the same thing with a different coat of paint. It’s still a woman with body type that a few of us can hope to achieve and puts far too much focus on becoming more attractive to men rather than improving your health, or god forbid, strength. Because don’t even start me on the ridiculous things I’ve heard about women who dare to gain more muscles than what is considered feminine.

In the end it all comes down to representing more body shapes and focusing more on health and sports. I think the obsession with beauty and the fixation on one specific body type is unhealthy for both genders. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful, but something is clearly wrong when people worry far more about being attractive than their health or excellence. Holley Mangold is a good example of a woman who is physically strong and has excelled in sports but whose looks doesn’t conform to the ideal that is pushed at us, but it’s not her image or anyone that resemblance her that I find in articles about female fitness.



So that’s my 2 cents. For those of you that are interested, here are two pages that I’ve used to put together my work-out routine.

The 10-minute Fat Blaster.

The Urban Jungle Work-out.


On excercise, health and unhealthy fixations.

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Short little update

Tom and I went to Oxford between Sunday-Monday and stayed with his parents, since he had to get a wisdom tooth removed at a hospital nearby on Monday morning. He came home from work today, had dinner, then fell asleep on the couch and has been sleeping soundly since then. Bless. I haven’t had any wisdom teeth removed and while I knew it hurt I didn’t think it made people so sleepy. Then again I have reason to believe that Tom’s reactions to medicine and surgical procedures (and contact lens examinations) is probably not the normal reaction. Usually I take a photo of him to shame him when he falls asleep this early (usually after 1 beer). He’ll get a pass this time though because he’s going to be sufficiently grumpy anyway because I made this blog post.

On an unrelated note, today I Skyped with mum’s dog (and mum and my younger sister). I miss him so much. I worry a lot about my family when I’m away, and that was my main hindrance against coming/staying here. The dog is fine, unfortunately mum has hit a rough patch again health wise after years of being relatively healthy, which is pretty much everything I feared before going here. She has some form of borderline/psychotic depression that’s been going on since she was a teen, but with long periods of being relatively healthy. I wish I could believe that, because she’s hit rough patches before and eventually things became OK, it will be OK again but the truth is that sometimes anti-depressants and anti-psychotics just stop working, and sometimes there’s no more medicine or therapy to try, and sometimes it’s been close – scary close – that everything ended the worst way possible. But I’m trying to stay positive and think about how she has a lot of resources that other people with mental illness don’t have access to. It’s hard to be so far away though when you kind of want to have a constant eye on someone.

On a second unrelated note, I’ve written a long post about hair (and I haven’t even had anything done to mine). Don’t worry, it will all make sense when I post it. I think. I doubt I’ll finish it tonight though. I hope it will be interesting, it’s tidbits of the social history of hair that I find particularly interesting. You’d think that it would be a bit disheartening that the posts that takes me the longest to make, the article styled one about whatever topic I find interesting, are the ones that very rarely gets any attention at all. To be honest, I’m just happy I have people reading my blog at all. I got a notification a while ago that I have received 100 likes and almost 50 followers, which is much more than I expected, even if a good few of them might be bots (I don’t know why someone would create bots to follow blogs, but if you know, please enlighten me). If you haven’t noticed already I try post a mix of posts relating to my personal life, recipes, funny stuff and more serious article style posts. What I’m trying to avoid the most is that kind of blog that is all about image crafting and showing the world how great your life is; what’s the point in that?

To finish off this very odd update (that I only thought of making because it’s been a while and it’s going to take a while longer before my hair post is done), here’s a photo of the aftermath of St Jude that I thought was really funny.


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Stone or tooth??

I think I may have swallowed a piece of tooth.

I was chewing carrot sticks when I bit something really hard. It got stuck really far back in my mouth, so I tried to get it out with my fingers but inadvertently ended up swallowing it instead. Now I got a tingly tooth. So much for eating healthy snacks.

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