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This is not your chic travelling blog XXX

[20:10:07] mindy: LOL your blog
[20:10:29] mindy: AHHAHA
[20:10:34] mindy: oh it makes me chuckle
[20:11:17] johanna: 🙂
[20:11:44] johanna: I think my friends were expecting some chiq travel blog
[20:11:51] johanna: boy were they wrong

Yes, I’m moving to London on Saturday, but trust me, there won’t be any fashion selfies of me in front of a shop in Seven Dials (love that place though) or of my extremely healthy food at a extremely chic restaurant. No, I don’t completely understand what “chic” means, but I have a growing dislike for the word and will do whatever I can to distance myself from it.

I’m very Bernard Black that way and I imagine he would agree with me on this (of course, he would view blogging as a tremendous waste of time in the first place…). As for traveling blogs? You won’t even know that I ever leave the house…! Just kidding, I’m just not much for documenting everywhere I go to. When I went to Kenya on exchange studies last summer I didn’t pack my camera because I felt like the urge to photograph everything makes me not “be in the moment” and not appreciate what I see completely. I’ve never done Instagram but I have a feeling that some people just do or eat things so they can post a cool photo of it, and that’s kind of tragic.

And the XXX in the title are kisses. Or hugs? It’s most definitely not a reference to porn parody titles. *clutches my pearls in horror* Although if someone was to make a sexy parody of chic traveling blogs, I might have to ask my resident boything to cut out the sex parts for me so I can watch it for the hilariously bad puns and cheesy acting.

PS: One of the tag suggestions that WordPress came up with for this entry is “blog”. Really?

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