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Life Imitating Art: Fresh Meat and Fighting Techniques

In the latest episode of Fresh Meat, Howard was preparing to fight another man. He got the advice that a fight is more than just physical strength and that he could gain the upper hand by asking his opponent something really random and confusing, and by doing so catching them off guard. When I saw the episode, I thought nothing of it, but little did I know that the advice would be useful to me a few hours later. It was yesterday morning and I had somehow gotten involved in a tickling fight; it’s possible that I may have started it. Tom makes the most ridiculous and disturbing sound a man can make while being tickled, and I regret that I wasn’t able to record it at the time. It sounds something like “Nyyya! nyyya! nyyyahhahah!” but in one octave higher than his usual speaking voice. It wouldn’t be so weird if he did it on purpose, which I thought was the case at first, but I believe that’s just the way he unintentionally laughs when being tickled. W.T.F. It’s about as disturbing as Jimmy Carr’s laughter (“It sounds a bit like a seal being molested”, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out here).

Anyhow, he has the advantage of being both stronger and heavier than me, so I ended up being pinned down. After like 5 minutes of trying to wriggle, claw and headbutt my way free, I almost accepted my fate. Then suddenly I thought of what Howard had done… and said “Do you know why your eye color is slightly different when you see them in the mirror?” BAM! I’m not entirely sure how I did it, but during that moment of confusion I managed to catch him off-guard and push him onto his back and place my knees on his arms. Soooo proud of myself!

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Smelly cheese at the theatre

It’s been a busy few days! My dad came over for a visit so I’ve spent the last couple of days running around London city and haven’t had any time to do any updates here. Highlights of the visit included going up The Shard and watching Phantom of the Opera. I got some extremely smelly brie cheese from Borough Market that I put into my backpack before heading to Tate Modern. Embarrassingly enough, as we sat down to watch Phantom of the Opera, the cheese sent off the most horrid smell as I stuffed the bag under my seat, which must have seemed like I let out a incredibly toxic fart before I sat down. I’ve had spontaneous giggling fits thinking about it all day, clearly I have the mental age of a 3 year old.

I caught up with Fresh Meat this morning and I’m terribly amused that the gang are also addicted to Homes Under the Hammer. Every time I watch it I write down another line to improve the already existing drinking game. I guess I should post that at some point!

Hopefully I’ll have some time tomorrow to write a bit more. I’m starting training for my new job tomorrow so I’m a bit pressed for time! At least once I’ve posted this, the crude post from a few days ago won’t be at the top of the site. 😉 I haven’t had time to finish  the drawing, but I kind of like where it’s going.

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