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No more egg jokes, please!

And I’m not eggsagerating! I’m getting tired of all the yolks!

My biggest fail this Easter was trying to replicate something I saw online, namely painting eggs by using spring flowers and onion peels. I only had the pictures to go from, so instructions were scarce. The first problem was keeping the flowers in place as I pressed a piece of onion peel on them. The second problem was keeping all the peel from falling off as I tried to bind the eggs together. I imagine this bit would be significantly easier if I had used the peel from larger, white onions. Using smaller onions meant that I had to use several tiny pieces of peel that kept breaking or falling off. I tried to cheat by using a bit of tape to get everything to stick together, and I experimented with covering one of the eggs with aluminium foil. The egg covered with aluminium foil actually came out looking the best, even though that egg was far less nice looking than the ones in the instruction photos.


Fail eggs.


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