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Want to be a fat vegetarian?

Whenever McDonalds or Burger King or Subways introduce a new vegetarian option, I hear someone saying something akin to “Why are they doing this? If you want to eat healthy, don’t eat fastfood!” as if being a vegetarian means you inherently care a lot about your health. I’ve been a vegetarian for some 4 years, and I’ve got some news for you: eating unhealthy and being a vegetarian is the easiest thing in the world. I love junk food and if I didn’t have any self-discipline, this is what a regular day for me would look like:

Breakfast: White bread with jam, a glass of orange juice and leftover pizza.

Morning snack: Half a package of crisps and some soda.

Lunch: French fries covered in ketchup and a veggie burger with a bottle of Fanta.

Afternoon snack: Biscuits and lemonade.

Dinner: Pasta with a cream-and-cheese based sauce covered in ketchup with a pint of beer.

Evening snack: Ice-cream with chocolate and fudge sauce, meringues, sprinkles and cookie crumbles.


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Oups! Seems like I haven’t posted that much lately. I blame not being near my laptop that much the last couple of days. I’ve been busy doing training for my new job. I would write about it if it weren’t for the fear of breaking their social media policy; seems like you can get in trouble for just posting photos of yourself wearing their uniform online, so it seems better to play it safe. It’s a shame because the uniforms are GORGEOUS. I’ve never seen such lovely health care uniforms.  I want to wear them in my grave.

Anyhow, my week started off with celebrating our 2nd anniversary by going down to Afters for desserts. Afters is a dessert place that serves desserts until late, late in the evening. To make it better, it’s literally just around the corner from where we live. I’m not a big anniversary person and I don’t really want to do the whole gift-thing when there’s only a month left until Christmas, but any reason is a good reason to have ice-cream. I had a £10 chocolate fudge sundae with strawberries and I was really happy that it didn’t even make my mouth tingle from allergies.


The following day was spent training while Tom was home making pralines, polenta-based sponge cake and mushroom risotto. He can’t be left in the kitchen without supervision for too long, or I’d come home to a functional patisserie. The same evening the following conversation took place:

Me: I’m really in the mood for Fanta, but I forgot to put it in the fridge so it’s not cold.

Tom: Just put it in the freezer and set a timer for 30 minutes and it will be cold.

Me: Good idea! But I don’t need a timer, I will just keep an eye on the time.

12 hours later, around 8am yesterday:

Me: Oh **** I forgot to take the Fanta out of the freezer yesterday.

It’s now 5pm more than 40 hours later and I’m still waiting for the ice in the Fanta to thaw.

Any reason is a good reason for ice-cream

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