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Original art post

So over a month ago I said something about buying ridiculously expensive faber-castell pencils to make a drawing for my mum’s birthday. I was meaning to post the result but I got distracted or something and posted a bunch of TMI:s and a little bit dumb posts instead. But hey, better later than never. These photos have been on my computer for about a month so I guess I’ll post them now?



Filling in the seaweed was a pain in the ass. The position of her left arm looks a bit odd, I think the shading there is a bit off. I was pressed for time when I made it so I didn’t attempt to fix as many mistakes as I usually do, and due to my overly firm pen grip my hand didn’t really want to work with me (hand cramps).  I wanted to find a reference photo for the pose I had in mind, but there wasn’t really anything that was spot on, so I had to use a lot of imagination to try to imagine how her body could be positioned realistically. That’s a good exercise but it’s not something I like doing or is particularly good at! I can hardly figure out which way to look when crossing a street so imagining how a muscle would flex if a body part is angled a certain way is tough. Aside from the hand cramps, I had fun doing it. Drawing on a relatively big canvas has the advantage of being able to focus more on details, but it also means that it takes ages to fill in things. When I was finished I was frustrated that things hadn’t come out exactly as I wanted them to, because it certainly isn’t perfect, but now that some time has passed I can appreciate it. And OMG I love the pens!

And if you were wondering, it’s completely acceptable in my family to give nude portraits to each other.

My younger sister’s comment on this: “You are really good at drawing nude women…”

Me: “Or maybe I just really hate drawing clothes and try to avoid it at all cost…”

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For the first time this summer, I have managed to dress too cold. I was heading downtown today to get art supplies and I was wearing a dress with no tights because I’ve been sweating all summer. Looked good but it was far too cold and I feel like I’m in general coming down with something.

An odd thing that happened today when I was walking downtown was that on my way to the art supply store I walked past a beggar with a very distinctive handicap. We were walking in opposite directions, crossed paths and I kept walking for another 15 minutes and went inside a store. Then when I got out I see the same beggar coming in the opposite direction to me again. Either he’s much quicker than me and ran past me while I was in the store and started walking down the street again, or it was two different people with exactly the same handicap. I didn’t pay much attention the first time so I couldn’t tell if it was two different people or just one. Maybe one guy had a real handicap and the other started copying him to get money? It’s hard to explain but he has a very distinctive and painful-looking limp that simply can’t be that common.

Another weird thing is that Stockholm has the world’s laziest street performers. There are some REALLY good living statues, but then there’s people who you aren’t really sure what they’re doing and why you’re supposed to give them money. There’s especially this one guy who walks up and down the most crowded street of Stockholm wearing a white dress, white facepaint and a white wig, all of which looks like they have been bought in a very budget novelty shop. He doesn’t do ANYTHING, he just walks up and down the street wearing that and rattling a can where you’re supposed to put money. I wonder if he considers himself a beggar or a street performer? He’s been doing it for a while now so I guess it pays off… There’s a woman who does pretty much the same thing, although her outfit looks a bit better. It’s just really confusing. If we started giving money to everyone that dressed weird, I would know some cybergoths that would be really happy.  😛

I ended up getting a bunch of Faber-Castell pencils at the art shop. It’s my mums birthday in little over a week and she wished for some art from me, so I used that as justification to blow 450kr ($70?) on pencils. Now that I have good materials to work with, that’s also one excuse less on why I haven’t started some projects that I’ve been meaning to start.

Walking down the streets of Stockholm

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