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Introducing your new TV-drama

“The home”.

An action-filled drama following the life in a care home in Britain. Bright, young Thea has just started her new job at a small care home for the elderly and soon finds out that everything is not as it seems. Are the frantic mumblings of the home’s oldest resident, Old Norah, just ramblings of a mad woman suffering from dementia, or do they hold the key to a dark, dark secret? The pleasantly confused lady Mia can never find her room by herself and is always walking in to other residents’ rooms. But one grey, stormy afternoon she walks into the shock of her life; on the floor in room 67 lies the bloody and cold body of senior carer Jane, with no clues to what have happened. Amidst mystery and murder, Thea and the other care assistants fight for time as resources grow smaller and the residents grow more aggressive. Suddenly, long, dull afternoons seems like a distant past as both carers and residents have to work together to stay alive…

I was a bit bored at work and played with the idea of an action/criminal drama based on a care home. To be on the safe side, I should point out that everything is fictional, blah blah, which I’m sure everyone understands. I think the second season would be called The Home: Specially Aggressive Unit because the different units definitely comes with different advantages and disadvantages. I haven’t decided whether it’s going to be a serious show or a satire of actual action/criminal dramas. I’m leaning towards the latter. OK, it’s never going to be a TV-show, but it would be fun to put together a fake trailer for it. I heard an elderly person say something today that seemed like it was taken straight out of a movie: “If you can’t see that you’re a bitch, you can’t see anything at all!“. Oh snap!

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Achy legs and full days

My knees and legs are not happy with me right now. The reason is that I spent all day on my feet yesterday, starting with a full day at work and then going straight to Oxford Circus to pick up tickets at BBC for a recording of “Infinite Monkey Cage”, which is a radio show with Brain Cox and Robin Ince. Once we had the tickets, we walked around the block and had a look at Selfridge’s Christmas-themed shopwindows, then back to BBC where I got to sit down for two hours as we watched the show. The show was about conserving animals and plants and how it’s too late to stop interfering with nature and time to be practical about what species we should try to save and not just go for the cute ones. I like Brian Cox (who doesn’t?) and people in the panel were interesting, but the show as a whole was a bit weak, but maybe that’s just because I’ve already know a bit about extinction and nature conservation. If it had been about, oh I don’t know, string theory I might have found it more interesting because I don’t know anything about it. Curiously enough, it turns out that Brian Cox was at my partner’s job today, filming something. He’s a hard working man, Mr Cox.



I went to bed a little after 11pm and hoped that my legs would have recovered after some 6 hours rest, but unfortunately my right knee and ankle were really stiff when I got up.  Luckily, I was not in too much discomfort after taking a couple of painkillers. It’s just a matter of getting used to not sitting down, which shouldn’t be too hard since I had a very similar job last summer. Hopefully I’ll gain some muscles in the process, I wouldn’t mind having more toned legs! 😛

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