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Unappetizing things

I posted the recipe for my “Sturry” a while back. I did the same recipe last Sunday and I managed to screw it up in an epic way. I didn’t have all the ingredients necessary and I was making an extra-large version of the recipe since I wanted to freeze it and have for lunch the following week. To make a long story of screw-ups short, I put in too much water and the stew ended up being far too watery, so instead of letting it simmer for 10-20 minutes, I left it on for hours. I don’t remember exactly how long, because I was nervous and drinking rum and orange juice at the same time. By the time I took it off the stove, it was much creamier, but the vegetables had all turned somewhat mushy. Since I wanted to make lunch boxes, I mixed the stew with boiled rice and poured it into plastic containers. I’ve been eating it basically every day since that and it’s the most unappetizing looking food I’ve ever created… it’s like grey sludge. It still tastes good, but the texture, consistency and look of the food is horrible! I think this might have put me off Sturry for a while.

To make matters worse, when I woke up Monday morning I was sick. I have dyspepsia and alcohol makes it flare up. I used to get flare ups after just two glasses of wine,  but it’s been better the last year so I didn’t expect any trouble since I didn’t think I drunk that much. I woke up at around 5 am, feeling nauseous, and soon after I was throwing up. The nausea wouldn’t go away and I was thinking ‘Crap, it’s my first day at work today, I have to be in by 9 am. What if I’m still ill by then?’. I was so annoyed with myself since it was so easily avoidable. I felt ill as hell and kept chucking up yellow bile. But I fought through it and got dressed and slowly walked to work, with a plastic bag in a pocket in case I really had to throw up again. Once there, I went into a bathroom and did my make-up and brushed my teeth and put on my game face… and it went well, thankfully.

So now I’m officially employed in the research department of neuro science, apparently. It’s funny to me, because I don’t think my project really counts as neuro science, but it sounds cool as hell so I’m all for it. What sounds smarter than neuro science? Maybe astrophysics. I need to pimp my office now that I’ve “moved in”. The first thing I need to get is a lava lamp to look at when I’m stuck with a problem.

I get the keys to the new flat on Monday, which I look forward to a lot. I’m not actually moving in until the middle of July, but at least I can start moving some stuff there. I woke up last night at what must have been midnight by the neighbour above us SINGING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS like a fucking idiot. WTF. He keeps singing while wearing headphones so loudly that I can hear him during the days and evening, but I’ve never heard him in the middle of the fucking night before. Clearly he doesn’t only lack any sort of vocal talent, he is also deficit of any form of common sense. God. Can’t wait to live somewhere AWAY from him.

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a health rant and a little interesting fact

I apologize in advance for the disjointed post.

Yesterday was odd. After lunch, I went to Coombe Woods to check out the gardens and the park. On the way, I started getting upper abdominal pain and sort-of middleish back pain that came and went in waves. I even laid down on a park bench for a bit to see if it would pass. I eventually felt good enough to walk home (a roughly 30 minutes walk) and decided to lie down on the bed for an hour… but ended up falling asleep and waking up almost 2 hours later. I almost never nap after having a full nights sleep. I got up and laid down on the couch instead. After googling the symptoms and realizing it was probably just a part of my already established dyspepsia, I decided to eat something since someone on the Internet said it might work. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked nachos because the pain got far worse after eating them. After 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen and 1 omeprezole (obviously not at the same time), the symptoms finally started to go away. I have some heartburn today but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Very annoying, since I don’t understand what triggered it. When I saw my doctor back in May, he said I should quit all the nice stuff (fat, salty or spicy food, alcohol and coffee). I cut down on fat and salt a bit. Maybe one day I will switch the coffee for tea.

Want to know something else that is annoying? Every time I’ve been to the doctor about something, their solution seems to be to avoid stress. Weird periods? Stop stressing! Losing hair? Stop stressing! Stomach pains and nausea? Stop stressing!!

But… I don’t even feel that stressed… and honestly if I knew how to stop stressing, I’d patent the method and make millions of it.

The doctors also always comment about how I need to be careful with my diet because I’m a vegetarian, despite that my blood test always shows that I don’t have any vitamin deficiency.

/rant. Here is something interesting though: when you puzzle together all the smaller British coins, they form the Royal shield, as seen on the 1-pound.




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