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Badly visualized song lyrics


I was bored and slightly drunk the other night and decided to make doodles from song lyrics that makes me stop in my tracks and think “wait, what?”. I have a zillion other examples of this,- to be honest, lyrics often doesn’t make much sense or sound ridiculous when taken out of context or simply misheard.

Exhibit A) “Drinking freedom from a bottle to the tuna belowww” Blue October: X-Amound of Words (another gem from the same song, not yet visualized, is “So mistreated, I repeated never blessing your sneeze”). Googling the lyrics tells me the actual line is “to the tune of belong” but I visualized what it sounded like to me:


Exhibit B) “Black lemon. So Juuuicy, confuuuusing.” Black Moth Super Rainbow: Hairspray Heart. According to the lyrics I can find online it’s supposed to be “Face like a lemon, so juicy, confuse me” which it doesn’t sound like and doesn’t make any sense either.


Exhibit C) “I fought and I craved for the gravy of your soul.” Susanne Sundfør: White foxes. When I first heart it I assumed it was supposed to be “the bravery of your soul”, but it’s actually gravy. Yum, gravy.


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Original art post

So over a month ago I said something about buying ridiculously expensive faber-castell pencils to make a drawing for my mum’s birthday. I was meaning to post the result but I got distracted or something and posted a bunch of TMI:s and a little bit dumb posts instead. But hey, better later than never. These photos have been on my computer for about a month so I guess I’ll post them now?



Filling in the seaweed was a pain in the ass. The position of her left arm looks a bit odd, I think the shading there is a bit off. I was pressed for time when I made it so I didn’t attempt to fix as many mistakes as I usually do, and due to my overly firm pen grip my hand didn’t really want to work with me (hand cramps).  I wanted to find a reference photo for the pose I had in mind, but there wasn’t really anything that was spot on, so I had to use a lot of imagination to try to imagine how her body could be positioned realistically. That’s a good exercise but it’s not something I like doing or is particularly good at! I can hardly figure out which way to look when crossing a street so imagining how a muscle would flex if a body part is angled a certain way is tough. Aside from the hand cramps, I had fun doing it. Drawing on a relatively big canvas has the advantage of being able to focus more on details, but it also means that it takes ages to fill in things. When I was finished I was frustrated that things hadn’t come out exactly as I wanted them to, because it certainly isn’t perfect, but now that some time has passed I can appreciate it. And OMG I love the pens!

And if you were wondering, it’s completely acceptable in my family to give nude portraits to each other.

My younger sister’s comment on this: “You are really good at drawing nude women…”

Me: “Or maybe I just really hate drawing clothes and try to avoid it at all cost…”

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