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Is it only me or…? + Sims 4

Does anyone else dictate their day to themselves like a video game?

“Action: Achieved getting dressed. Reward: 10 life points”

“Warning: Energy levels are getting dangerously. low. Recharge! Recharge!”

“You picked social action ‘Ask about job’. Your relationship has increased with 10 friendship points”

Ugh I really need the Sims 4 to come out soon, I clearly can’t deal with real life. They keep releasing game play videos and teasers, but the game system specs are still nowhere to be found.

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Mini metro – if you needed another reason to curse public transport

It’s half past eleven and I’m stuck playing minimetro. It’s so addictive but frustrating! The game is that you create a metro system that keeps getting bigger and bigger. You start off with a number of “stations” shaped as squares, triangles and circles. There’s smaller symbols next to these stations that are the “passengers” and the shape of their symbol indicates where they want to go. As the game goes on it gets harder and harder to get your trains to all the stations in time, before they become overcrowded. Once a certain number of of passengers are waiting at a station, it’s game over. It’s not a very realistic game in the sense that you can completely re-route your metro lines as many times as you like. Unfortunately, you can’t do an emergency re-route to pick up passengers at an overcrowded station, because the train will follow a ghost-track before it starts going on the new route. Super annoying, but a total time killer. I put on Darkbloom by Grimes and started playing and then suddenly the music stopped and the album was finished. I don’t know where that time went!

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