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I haven’t posted in the few days because I’ve worked like 21 hours in 30 hours and I wasn’t going to spend a minute of my precious spare time posting. I tried uploading a post from my phone, of my cappuccino which looked a bit like a sloth, but it didn’t work. I’m sure you must be weeping at the thought of missing out of such high quality material so I saved the photo for you:


Umm. Yeah.

In other words, not much has been going on. I was dumb enough to agree to do work 7 am – 9 pm yesterday and 7 am – 2 pm today. I thought it would be fine, but it turns out I haven’t quite recovered from my cold and when I came home yesterday evening I was having a lot of coughing fits. The irony is that I agreed to take on the shifts to make up for the days I was home sick last week, because I don’t have any sick pay. Oh well, all I need is a good rest and then I will be fine…ish. The problem with starting work at 7 am is that I have to get up at 5 – 5:30 am to get ready, which is a pain when you’ve worked until 9 pm the day before because there’s not enough time to sleep or wind down. Luckily I’m only working evening tomorrow, which means I get to sleep in!

Sorry for the pointless update, I will leave you with this to make up for it:


Coffee-cup sloths

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spinning spinning spinning

I’m having one of those rare moments when I’m so hyped up/manic that it’s almost not funny! I spent 5 minutes just spinning around on my spinny share and listening to Cat Steven’s version of First cut is the deepest. I find myself dancing, biting my hair and drumming the table with my hands without thinking. I’m trying to calm down by listening to music. When I’m manic it’s like my mind isn’t as quick as my body and I think something like “It would be nice with a glass of water” and then I’m immediately in the kitchen reorganizing drawers with no memories of what happened in between. It’s like I have a very sporadic ADD because I don’t really have any reason to be hyper. Well, I guess the proper psychiatric definition is having a severe case of being just like everyone else, meaning full of unexplained quirks and contradictions. Or just coffee and sugar overload but I don’t think that’s the case…


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A day of gluttony and calorie counting

Today I proved to myself once and for all that a very hungry small-to-average sized woman CAN eat an entire footlong from Subways. Whether she should is an entirely different matter all together though.

I have been out walking in the city today. I had to wait a little over 30 minutes for my train back, so I ordered a cappuccino in a coffee shop and sat down there and waited. Over 1 hour later and I’m home, on my couch, finishing said cappuccino. What’s up with making cappuccinos so hot that you have to wait 20 minutes before you can sip it without burning your mouth? Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you should. Or maybe I’m weird and everyone else just like their coffee that hot?

I’ve started using this calorie counting app called “FatSecret”. It’s good in the sense that it knows just how much calories a Subway Veggie Patty Footlong is (too many) and it’s pretty easy to use. It’s bad in the sense that on an average day I cook my own food using quite a lot of different ingredients, which makes registering that meal difficult. For example, yesterday for lunch I had pasta with a pasta sauce made from crushed tomatoes, red onion, garlic and cooked lentils. I also had a little bit of ketchup and cheese on top. That’s 7 ingredients that I need to find on the app one by one and estimate how much of them I ate. There is an option to “create new meal “, which means I can type “Pasta with sauce” and then enter how many calories it contains. The downside is that I can’t do this without entering the amount of proteins and fat it contains as well. I usually know which foods contain a relatively high amount of protein, but it’s difficult to specify it down to the gram like the app wants you to do. It’s also a bit confusing on how much calories you should eat per day. I have my account set on “weight loss” which means that I should burn more than I eat. The app will tell you how many calories you have eaten and how many you have left on your Recommended Daily Intake.  I *think* this is adjusted after whether you have chosen the setting “slow weight loss”, “weigh loss” or “weight gain” etc. It is however not clear, so I’m currently trying to eat less than 100 % of my calculated RDI (she says after eating a fucking footlong, lol) in case the RDI is what I should eat to remain at my current weight. It doesn’t seem to change depending on how much I exercise either.

To summarize, FatSecret is probably a good app if you don’t cook much for yourself. Correct me if I’m wrong though, because I’ve only been using the app for a few days!

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I got coffee on me

I got coffee on me. My ponytail fell into my coffee cup when I turned around. 😦

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I used to have two cups of coffee in the mornings but I managed to cut it down to one.

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How to spot city people in the city

For the last two months, I have been living with my younger sister Jenny in central Stockholm. Both of us grew up in the suburb so it felt really different to suddenly live in a place that is right in the middle of everything: nightclubs, coffeehouses, boutiques. I think many people have a prejudice that city people are always well dressed and wears the latest fashion. When I first moved here I thought I wasn’t doing great at being a inner-city person, seeing as I constantly appeared in public NOT looking stylish and sophisticated.

Sometimes, when I would get up to buy some fresh bread in the morning, I felt so self-conscious. There I am with my unbrushed hair in a messy ponytail, a face red from sleeping and sweatpants and a t-shirt with coffee stains on it, walking past people with the latest fashion and flawless appearances.

Then I realized that this is just an illusion. The reason it appears as if there is a higher percentage of fashionable, stylish people in cities like New York, London or Stockholm is because people from the suburbs view shopping or eating in the city as events that require dressing up for. Real city people are the ones you will see hungover, wearing pajamas and no make-up in a popular coffee house. Shops and food courts go from being a special experience to just being convenient once you live in the city, places you stop by on your way from work or while getting groceries. Definitely not places you go to because “you want to be seen there”. 

That’s at least my excuse for looking so shabby today downtown, haha.

As a bonus, here’s a photo of the world’s most dangerous calorific coffee ever. It’s called a Snickers and its from George’s Coffeehouse, where me and Jenny were today, looking like we just woke up.



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