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4 Cleaning hacks

It’s funny how people can get used to the oddest things and how easily people get stuck doing something a certain way because it’s a part of a routine. From the little things to the bigger things. As an example, when I make the table I always put the knife to the right side of the plate despite that I almost always only use a fork when eating, and when I do use my knife I have to grab it with my left hand. It’s the dumbest thing, but ever since someone told me “that’s the right way to make a doily”, it irks me to do it in a different way. Yet I drink straight from the milk jug, slurp my soup and dip my sandwiches in yoghurt. I’m hardly proper.

I like to have a certain order in my life. That order may resemblance chaos to others, but I want every item in my home to have a designated spot. I hate filth and I hate not having clean surfaces; those are my two biggest pet peeves. I don’t mind other people’s homes being messy, but it makes me anxious when I don’t have time to clean my own home to the standard that I like, even when I don’t have visitors. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I like cleaning, because if I did I’m afraid my boyfriend and anyone else I might live with in the future might give up on it all together. It’s not so much that I enjoy it rather than I tend to get stuck doing it. There’s always something else that could be better, could be cleaner, could be tidier.

Anyhow, I’ve learned a few cleaning hacks (some might call them cleaning fixations) through my job and I thought I’d share them with a couple of crude paint illustrations. At work, I gladly take on the duty of doing the dishes. Doing the dishes is my least favourite chore to do at home, but at work it’s an easy task that gives me a chance to let my mind wander and it gives me a sort of zen-feeling to organize the dishes. Which reminds me, why do most people people fill the cutlery basket with forks, knives and spoons mixed when the baskets are perfect for putting them all separately like this before loading them into the machine:



It annoys me to no end when I’ve started stocking a basket like this and someone comes along and puts a fork and a knife together with the spoons. It literally takes no extra time to put them in the correct section and it makes putting theram away afterwards easier! In the same vein, there’s a correct way to put up clothing on a collapsible clothing rack. The most essential rule here is to put your underwear and socks on the lowest rack first. If you put t-shirts and trousers on first, they will obsqure the lower racks and make it hard to see what space is available. You’d think this would be common sense, but nope.

Another good kitchen hack is to put a big siv in the sink as you’re doing the dishes. It’ll catch the food bits that come off. Once you’re done, just empty the siv into the food bin and you don’t have to mess about with trying to clean the drain.

To finish it off, here’s a coffee-making trick an old person taught me that just made so much sense:



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