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Birthday madness

We celebrated Tom’s 26th birthday a couple of days ago. I love birthdays, I know it’s not ‘cool’ to like birthdays anymore, but I do. Mine and other people’s. I’ve said it before about Christmas, that a lot of people just want a tradition as an excuse to show each other some extra attention and affection. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have their birthday in March except me. We call them ‘midsummer children’ in Sweden. If you thought that ‘midsummer children’ sounded a bit like ‘indigo children’ or anything spiritual/hippy, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It basically applies to the overwhelming amount of children who are conceived on midsummer’s eve, when Swedes get drunk and fuck around. Not as cute as “Valentine’s children”, I suppose.

Anyway, I had to work a morning shift on the day of his birthday, so I went up at 5 am and inflated some balloons and decorated before having my breakfast. I put a card on the table saying which present could be opened in the morning and that there was a surprise breakfast in the fridge in a white bag. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell him to read the card when he woke up, which ruined the surprise. Once I got home, I ran around cleaning the flat, baking a cake and cooking supper for when Tom would be home from work. Once again my plans were foiled by the fact that I couldn’t get the wine bottle (one with a cork) to open, which I needed to make red wine sauce. Anyway, Tom managed to get it open once he got home and dinner turned out fabulous. I’m pretty proud about the cake as well. It’s a traditional Swedish cream and strawberry cake.


After dinner and a glass of wine, I immediately felt my eyelids getting heavy. I hadn’t slept well since I had to get up early and I had a fairly restless sleep. Most of the time I can manage on a few hours sleep, but this time my body just said “SLEEP. NOW.” without much room for argument, so I ended up snoozing pretty heavily on the sofa just before 10 pm. Good thing Tom unintentionally fell asleep at the same time. Man, we’re getting old.

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Birthday photo post!


Guess who turned 24 yesterday?! Me. 😀

I celebrated by going downtown and walking from London Victoria to Buckingham Palace around St James Park to Leicester Square and West End and China Town to Piccadilly Circus and then back. In short, I did a lot of walking and perhaps not in the best of shoes, but it was fun. I brought my camera and took some photos of the birds in St James Park:





It seems like someone ordered some good weather for my birthday! Very thoughtful! I ended up stopping to rest my feet and have a bite in a little place near Regent Street where I had a delicious ciabatta with avocado, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Yum!

Around 3 pm my feet started hurting rather epically from walking, so I headed home and opened presents from my mum while Skyping with her. I got a bunch of baking and cake decorating things, which suits me perfectly. Once Tom got home, we celebrated with a bottle of “Horny Owl” and I made my ‘signature’ birthday stuffed bell peppers while blasting loud, upbeat orchestral music such as Champagne Galop, Beethoven’s Emperor Rondo and In the Hall of the Mountain King.

I call them birthday stuffed bell peppers because I made them for my last birthday. I was going to post a picture of them, because I’ve made them a few times and it’s really a great recipe, but I can’t find any! I guess you can take that as evidence that it’s a good recipe, since they’re all eaten and gone before I get a chance to take a photo. I’ll upload the recipe soon.


Tom and I aren’t exactly wine experts, so we buy wine after how funny the label is. Through this method we have found great wines such as this one, Horny Owl, and Fat Bastard and Irony.  After dinner, we had a cheesecake and I opened my gift from Tom which was Cards Against Humanity, something I’ve been wanting to get for a while. It looks really fun and I can’t wait to get some people together and play it.


I didn’t even get any stomach issues (I’ve been having dyspepsia/indigestion problems) during the night, so all in all a good and calm 24th birthday. 🙂

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Can’t drink to that! Pt 1 Birthday edition.

Life’s little mishaps are more fun when you make it into a game! It’s my mum’s 53rd birthday today so I put together a drinking game for birthday celebrations. It’s perhaps most suitable for people who lead dysfunctional lives.


Take one sip of beer for…

– Every birthday card you receive that includes.

A)  A senile old woman/man (n/a if you’re turning 70 or above).

B) A fluffy animal with a paper hat and/or cake.

C) An ‘inspirational message’.

– Every time someone screws up a word in the Happy Birthday Song.

– Every candle on your cake.


Take two sips of beer for…

– Every birthday card that includes a bible quote or an otherwise very religious message.

– Every gift that is a bible or a hymn book (take three if you’re openly not religious).

– Every gift where the gift giver says “I saw it and I thought of you immediately!” and you/the recipient is confused/offended.


Take a mouthful  of wine for…

– Every singer that is completely tone deaf when singing Happy Birthday.

– Every card that shows up from relatives that you haven’t spoken to in years.

– Every piece of cheese and chocolate, because it’s a yummy combination.


Down half a bottle of vodka…

– For every family member or close friend that forgets your birthday.

– If your significant other breaks up with you on your birthday.

– No one turns up to your birthday party.


Down a bottle of tequila if…

– A birthday stripper shows up.

– A gift turns out to be a sex toy, and has been opened in front of friends and family.

– A gift turns out to be a pet that you didn’t want.

– Your age now ends with a zero (40, 50, 60 and yes, 10 counts too).


Down the entire keg if…

– Your age now ends with two zeroes.

– The pet that you were gifted died while in the gift box.

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