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My suggestion for the next diet fad

Atkinson was replaced by GI, GI was replaced by 5:2 or primal or whichever diet fad is winning. I “developed” my own diet, or maybe my diet was forced upon me by fate, poor motor skills and general body failure. My diet includes three easy steps for anyone willing to try.

1. Put as much food as you want on your plate, but make sure to drop half of the content on yourself, the table or the floor while attempting to eat it.

2. Buy a slice of cake. Get an allergic reaction halfway through and donate the remaining half to the person next to you because your mouth is swelling up.

3. Eat a delicious dinner at a restaurant. Get a massive acid reflux attack at 3 am in the morning and throw everything up.

In memory of this cake that I tried to eat.



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