Want to be a fat vegetarian?

Whenever McDonalds or Burger King or Subways introduce a new vegetarian option, I hear someone saying something akin to “Why are they doing this? If you want to eat healthy, don’t eat fastfood!” as if being a vegetarian means you inherently care a lot about your health. I’ve been a vegetarian for some 4 years, and I’ve got some news for you: eating unhealthy and being a vegetarian is the easiest thing in the world. I love junk food and if I didn’t have any self-discipline, this is what a regular day for me would look like:

Breakfast: White bread with jam, a glass of orange juice and leftover pizza.

Morning snack: Half a package of crisps and some soda.

Lunch: French fries covered in ketchup and a veggie burger with a bottle of Fanta.

Afternoon snack: Biscuits and lemonade.

Dinner: Pasta with a cream-and-cheese based sauce covered in ketchup with a pint of beer.

Evening snack: Ice-cream with chocolate and fudge sauce, meringues, sprinkles and cookie crumbles.


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