Neighbor and landlord fail

Ugh so annoyed with my building and myself right now. We have been told that the recycling bin will be emptied every 2nd week on a Friday, but it’s been full for a whole week now. Once it’s full, someone locks the bin so you can’t squeeze any more garbage in, because the garbage collectors won’t empty the bins if they’re overflowing. Since the bin was locked a week ago, we haven’t been able to get rid of our recycling.

To make a point and to make the flat a more pleasant living-space, I took my full, designated recycling bag and put it behind the door in the garbage room. I thought this made sense because it showed that we didn’t have anywhere to put the recycling and that the bin needed to be emptied. I should point out that it wasn’t in the way of anything, although I figured I might get told off since it could be seen as a fire hazard.

Anyhow, I expected the bins to be emptied today and I planned on going downstairs and empty the recycling bag into the bin, but NO. When my boyfriend went to work this morning, he saw that my garbage bag had been put on top of the recycling bin, which was NOT emptied. Our best guess is that the collectors saw the bag and decided that additional recycling was the same as the bin overflowing, put it on top of the bin for whatever reason and refused to empty the it. I’m assuming that the bin won’t be emptied for at least another week, maybe two. If the bin gets filled up in one week, imagine all the garbage that will have accumulated over 4 weeks. It’s like they don’t want us to recycle.

Another annoying thing with this building is that the lamp in the hallway doesn’t work because the landlord won’t replace the broken light bulb, since they suspects that our neighbor is stealing the light bulbs and replacing them with their own broken light bulbs. Just buy your own damn light bulbs, FFS! I can’t stand petty theft.

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