Things no one wanted to know

Blargh I need to whine because it’s taco night and I don’t think I will be able to eat anything because my stomach hurts and I’m feeling sick. Tom says it’s the roasted pumpkin seeds I ate earlier. I haven’t had them in a while and I bought a bag of them and ate quite a lot and didn’t bother to spit out the shell on a few. Maybe they had some form of super pesticide on them and I’m now dying, rapidly. Or maybe it’s just all that fiber. Or maybe it’s just the spicy food I’ve been having recently. I love spicy food. I made a veg stroganoff the other day with a lovely chili burn and for lunch I had a spicy curry. Could be all that re-heated rice I’ve been eating. I put a curse on myself by saying “Re-heated rice can’t be that bad, I’ve had it a bunch of times and never been ill”. Whatever it is I’m suffering for it. Tom bought me some pills that said “For an upset stomach” so I swallowed a couple but then I saw that the box said you were supposed to chew them and apparently they’re for diarrhea and not a regular tummy ache and I hope that didn’t make it worse. My reading comprehension is really bad when reading instructions.

Sadface. 😦

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