Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote

I’m sitting on a coach to the airport again. Word of advice: don’t try to eat a burger and fries on a crowded bus unless you’re ok with looking like a slobbering mess.

Aside from the barely contained panic that accompanies flying and travelling long distances, I quite like travelling. The limited available entertainment makes it natural to just gaze out the window and let yourself get lost in some form of meditative philosophing state of mind.

Right now I’m listening to Beethoven’s Archduke trio, which I got curious of after reading Kafka on the shore, which in turn I got curious about after seeing an icon on a LiveJournal forum. Funny how these things works. One thing leads to another and you stumble upon something that you never thought you would like, but end up loving. It’s invaluable to keep an open mind and give things a chance.

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