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My lazy week

My week can be summarized in just a couple of photos.



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I got dried spaghetti on me (this is a new low)

Eating breakfast. Found dried spaghetti in my hair… Had spaghetti for dinner the night before… I need to have my hair in a ponytail when eating from now on.



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I chant for chanterelles!

I scream for ice-cream! I punch for puns!

No, but seriously, I have been mushroom hunting today. Didn’t find a lot, but enough to make a couple of chanterelle toast. Also saw tracks of a moose while walking in the forest; first I noticed how the moss was oddly flat in one spot, as if something large had been lying on it. Then I saw giant big moose tracks in the mud next to the moss.  I was pretty relieved that I didn’t run into the moose though. Image

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Can’t drink to that! Pt 1 Birthday edition.

Life’s little mishaps are more fun when you make it into a game! It’s my mum’s 53rd birthday today so I put together a drinking game for birthday celebrations. It’s perhaps most suitable for people who lead dysfunctional lives.


Take one sip of beer for…

– Every birthday card you receive that includes.

A)  A senile old woman/man (n/a if you’re turning 70 or above).

B) A fluffy animal with a paper hat and/or cake.

C) An ‘inspirational message’.

– Every time someone screws up a word in the Happy Birthday Song.

– Every candle on your cake.


Take two sips of beer for…

– Every birthday card that includes a bible quote or an otherwise very religious message.

– Every gift that is a bible or a hymn book (take three if you’re openly not religious).

– Every gift where the gift giver says “I saw it and I thought of you immediately!” and you/the recipient is confused/offended.


Take a mouthful  of wine for…

– Every singer that is completely tone deaf when singing Happy Birthday.

– Every card that shows up from relatives that you haven’t spoken to in years.

– Every piece of cheese and chocolate, because it’s a yummy combination.


Down half a bottle of vodka…

– For every family member or close friend that forgets your birthday.

– If your significant other breaks up with you on your birthday.

– No one turns up to your birthday party.


Down a bottle of tequila if…

– A birthday stripper shows up.

– A gift turns out to be a sex toy, and has been opened in front of friends and family.

– A gift turns out to be a pet that you didn’t want.

– Your age now ends with a zero (40, 50, 60 and yes, 10 counts too).


Down the entire keg if…

– Your age now ends with two zeroes.

– The pet that you were gifted died while in the gift box.

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Yesterday was my last day at my summer job. I worked for 9 weeks straight, showed up on an average 10 minutes before my shift started, worked double shifts occasionally, often worked overtime and never requested to be compensated, covered other people’s shifts when they couldn’t work their days, never took any sick days and the only time I took a day off was when my mum was in the hospital. I offered to help out with coworker’s workload when they were stressed and I spent time on my spare time putting together an aid for one of the residents I worked with. I guess what matters in the end is if the residents I worked with thought I did a good job when working with them, which I think they did (at least a lot of them were very appreciative).

I never thought I would grow up to be someone who cared about work ethics.

But work is over and as I was biking home through the rain yesterday, it gradually hit me. The only thing that was keeping me in Sweden is gone. I could leave to London today, I have no obligations here anymore (although it would be silly to do so, as Tom is visiting in a week’s time). I have very little money and I have no idea what kind of jobs I can hope to get (if any) but like a wise old lady said at work, “The time is now”. Stockholm doesn’t offer me much anymore. I spent years in Linköping longing to get ‘home’ to Stockholm once I was done with my education and I don’t know why.  I think gradually I developed closer friendships at university and found someone I could really trust and share everything and at the same time became jaded and cynical about everyone left in Stockholm. It’s like I was seeing my life there through rose colored glasses and then someone punched me in the face. I want to and will live in Stockholm eventually, I like the city and I like being near (most) of my family, but if I do end up here permanently I will wipe the slate clean, make new friends, find new hobbies and live in another flat. Life is too short to keep doing the same thing, living in the same place and hanging out with the same people, not because you enjoy it but because of tradition and fear.

I need a break from Sweden for a while.  For once in a long while I like that my immediate future is unpredictable. Circumstances could be better but they might never be better. The time is now (or at least in 2-3 weeks 😉 ).

Home is where I rest my head

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Breakfast pt 2


Some people eat lots in the mornings. I make up for it by drinking much. More serious posts next week, I’m super busy at work this week.



I used to have two cups of coffee in the mornings but I managed to cut it down to one.

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butt bruise

I have a nasty bruise on my butt for the stupidest reason. I got it at work while serving food to the elderly people. I bent over to cut up someone’s food, then backed/got up and my butt crashed into a radiator. It seems like I’m subconsciously trying to make up for my subdued manners by doing everything with 10 times the intensity necessary, because I don’t think normal people get up with such velocity that they almost impale themselves on a radiator. To make it worse, the bruise isn’t even in a position where it’s socially acceptable to show people unless you know them really well. Luckily, this is the Internet (where social rules are dramatically different from real life), but most importantly, there’s the crop tool.



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For the first time this summer, I have managed to dress too cold. I was heading downtown today to get art supplies and I was wearing a dress with no tights because I’ve been sweating all summer. Looked good but it was far too cold and I feel like I’m in general coming down with something.

An odd thing that happened today when I was walking downtown was that on my way to the art supply store I walked past a beggar with a very distinctive handicap. We were walking in opposite directions, crossed paths and I kept walking for another 15 minutes and went inside a store. Then when I got out I see the same beggar coming in the opposite direction to me again. Either he’s much quicker than me and ran past me while I was in the store and started walking down the street again, or it was two different people with exactly the same handicap. I didn’t pay much attention the first time so I couldn’t tell if it was two different people or just one. Maybe one guy had a real handicap and the other started copying him to get money? It’s hard to explain but he has a very distinctive and painful-looking limp that simply can’t be that common.

Another weird thing is that Stockholm has the world’s laziest street performers. There are some REALLY good living statues, but then there’s people who you aren’t really sure what they’re doing and why you’re supposed to give them money. There’s especially this one guy who walks up and down the most crowded street of Stockholm wearing a white dress, white facepaint and a white wig, all of which looks like they have been bought in a very budget novelty shop. He doesn’t do ANYTHING, he just walks up and down the street wearing that and rattling a can where you’re supposed to put money. I wonder if he considers himself a beggar or a street performer? He’s been doing it for a while now so I guess it pays off… There’s a woman who does pretty much the same thing, although her outfit looks a bit better. It’s just really confusing. If we started giving money to everyone that dressed weird, I would know some cybergoths that would be really happy.  😛

I ended up getting a bunch of Faber-Castell pencils at the art shop. It’s my mums birthday in little over a week and she wished for some art from me, so I used that as justification to blow 450kr ($70?) on pencils. Now that I have good materials to work with, that’s also one excuse less on why I haven’t started some projects that I’ve been meaning to start.

Walking down the streets of Stockholm

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Good times

Good times

I love dogs. If I loved cats as much as I loved dogs I would be a crazy cat lady. This is my snuggly bum Bagheera and me.

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