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To clarify my last post, it wasn’t my own.

I just wanted to say that I haven’t had the chance to watch the newest episode of Dexter yet, but from the first episode of this season Dr Vogel has annoyed me so much! She’s supposed to be an expert on psychopaths but she keeps saying “Psychopaths feel no empathy :l”. You have ONE JOB WOMAN get it right! Stop confusing sympathy with empathy. Psychopaths lack the ability of sympathy, which is being affected by other people’s emotions. People with autism often have problems with empathy, being able to understand what other people are feeling, but they have no problem with sympathy. I get that a lot of “psychopaths” or people with anti-social personality disorder also have problems with empathy but Dr Vogel keeps saying empathy when she means sympathy and it makes me annoyed. Do your research, writers! 😛 /nerdrant

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I got…

I got pee on me 😦


You’ve got red on you

“I’ve got x on me” is a new, reoccurring segment in this blog. For example, yesterday I would have posted “I’ve got poo on me” because I work in elderly care and that happened to be true that day. Today, it would be “I’ve got egg on me” because I’m a messy breakfast eater and liquid egg yolks sucks. Confused about the reader value of this segment? So am I. But blogs need reoccurring segments, says the woman who never reads blogs. Oh shut up, it’s 6:22 am and I’m already on the bus to work typing this on my phone… don’t expect me to be coherent.

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The ultimate sad music post

I love sad songs, who doesn’t??! 😀 There has actually been a recent study that showed that people that listen to sad songs feel better. I’ve been meaning to put together a song list of sad songs that I like, but I’ve put it off because I have so many songs and they range from childish pop to metal. I’ve decided to create several different sad music song lists so you can find songs that caters to that very particular sad feeling that you want to experience! Enjoy! I could go on forever adding songs (especially more Ingrid Michaelson songs) but it’s 11:15 pm and I got work tomorrow so I think this will just have to do.

I’m a shitty human being and I’m sad. This song list only has two song but the songs are so powerful that I deemed that two was enough.

Hate me – Blue October

Breathe me – Sia

Sad songs about love/relationships

9 crimes – Damien Rice

Corner of your heart – Ingrid Michaelson

Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen

Unsuffer Me – Lucinda Williams

To build a home – Cinematic Orchestra

We both go down together – The Decemberists

Sad songs that holds a promise of a better future:

Better son/daughter – Rilo Kiley

Die Alone – Ingrid Michaelson

Be OK – Ingrid Michaelson

I’m weird and sad

Creep – Radiohead, of course. I know some people think it’s been done to death but its a good song.

Awkward – Fidlar

Sullen Girl – Fiona Apple

Not a Pretty Girl – Ani DiFranco (It’s so much more than just a sad song but whatever, it’s great).

A powerful ache instead of a stab wound

I’ve flirted with you all my life – Vic Chesnutt

I see a darkness – Bonny Prince Billy

The trick is to keep breathing – Garbage

Letting the cables sleep – Bush

Existential sad songs/I don’t know what the fuck these songs are about but I like them-songlist

The Rip – Portishead

On an unknown beach – Peter Jefferies

Apathetic and/or depressed

Right where it belongs – Nine Inch Nails

Every day is exactly the same – Nine Inch Nails

Mad World – Gary Jules

Uninhabited Man – Richard Thompson

Sad and addicted-song list

Full Circle – Half Moon Run

Mosquito – Ingrid Michaelson (ALL THE INGRID SONGS! :D)

How to save a life – The Fray

The drugs don’t work – The Verve

Loss – songlist

Lose you – Pete Yorn

Casimir Pulaski Day – Sulfjan Stevens

Yankee Bayonet – The Decemberists

Padraic My Prince – Bright Eyes

Passing Afternoon – Iron & Wine

Empty chairs at empty tables – Les Miserables

Broken Bride – Ludo (The entire EP to be honest, not because it is sad but because it is AWESOME and I’ve loved it ever since I discovered it)


Hope there’s someone – Anthony and the Johnsons

Everything beautiful is far away – Grandaddy

Mistake – Moby

Hurt – Nine Inch Nails or Johnny Cash, both are very good in their own right.

Illusion – VNV Nation

Whew! I hope it’s true that listening to sad songs will make you feel better, otherwise I’m afraid for whoever listened to all the songs in this music post…

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Sneezing while brushing your teeth sucks.

That’s all.

Cookie of life

Cookie of life

Hello my name is Johanna and i can only express feelings through crude drawings on ms paint.

… don’t tell me to go paint on a canvas or in photoshop like a good artist girl person.

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Some photos from “touristing” my home city Stockholm in between work and sleep.


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But the question is, will it be better than Sharktopus?? When I get my hands on this I’m going to have an awful shark movie marathon which will also include the Mega shark movies, Raging Sharks and Shark in Venice. Sharktopus currently holds the highest IMBD-rating, a 3.3/10. I keep editing this because I keep finding more awesome shark movies, but the last one to receive an honorable mention in this post is Ghost Shark 2: Urban Edition. It hasn’t been released yet but it deserves a mention.


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Tiny kitchen nightmares

I’m currently staying at my sister’s flat. While cooking I saw that she had these two adorable salt and pepper figurines that are meant to be posed like they’re embracing each other.


I realized that if you put paprika powder or chili inside them instead of salt and pepper, it looks like they’re crying/puking blood.


And I’m not totally convinced they’re meant to stand in an embrace, I think they fit just as well into the zombie walk pose.


Or like this.


I guess to sum it up I think they’re pretty sinister looking things. I also realized, when cleaning up the figurines so my sister wouldn’t get mad at me for messing with them, that they look pretty damn creepy under the tap as well.


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Great things

I wish that for once something absolutely great could happen without any strings attached (I guess this is what all of us wish for). I imagine it happening something like this:


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