The downward taco spiral

So for the last few days I have been stuck in what I call the “Taco circle” or “Taco downward spiral”. It starts like this:

You are a person living alone and the opportunities to eat tacos doesn’t present themselves often because taco is usually food you eat in group. One day you open your fridge, wondering what dinner to make, and you notice that there’s only 2 or 3 items missing from making tacos. You already have onion, cheese, creme fraiche, lettuce and cucumber, so you go out and get the missing tortilla, salsa and mince. Later in the evening you feast on delicious tacos and everything is beautiful and nothing hurt. BUT then you open your fridge the next day and see that you still have plenty of taco-spiced mince left and a couple of tortillas as well leftover lettuce and onion. If you only get another jar of salsa and a cucumber you can have delicious taco this evening too. It’s not only delicious, it’s also one of your cheapest options.

So you go out and you buy a jar of salsa and a cucumber and you make yet another delicious taco dinner for yourself. It’s yummy and messy and everything you ever dreamed of. But what happens the next day? Of course you have ran out of mince, onion and lettuce, but what else to use the leftover cucumber, salsa and tortilla for but for tacos?

To top it off, it’s nearing the end of the month and you’re low on cash. If you don’t make another round of tacos, your option is to have noodles or something equally bland. This might actually be the last time in a very long while before you can have a dinner as delicious as tacos again. Besides, tacos consists of vegetables, so it can’t be that unhealthy, can it? Although you realize that having tacos by your lonesome the third night in a row is a bit unusual, you’ve talked yourself into believing that it’s actually the only sensible option. So you go out and get the missing mince, onion and lettuce…

By now you can probably see how this is going to continue. Eating taco by yourself will inevitably lead to a circle where you are only a few items short of making tacos every night. Unless you break the circle and let the leftover items get spoiled (a deadly sin for students), you will get stuck having tacos every night for like a week. I’m like on day 4 in the vicious taco downward spiral right now. Something that fuels the fire is that I can get really cheap vegetarian taco mince. My boyfriend reports the same problem with hummus and cucumber: one always runs out before the other, so half the hummus is left when he runs out of cucumber, so he goes and buys cucumber but the next day he has half a cucumber but no hummus, so he buys hummus, etc etc etc.

So kids, say “NO!” to eating tacos by yourself: Not even once!

 photo taco.gif

This isn’t normal, but on tacos it is.

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